mudraw(1) render PDF/XPS/CBZ documents


mudraw [options] input.{pdf,xps,cbz} [pages]


mudraw will render a document of a supported document format to image files. The supported document formats are: pdf, xps and cbz. The supported image formats are: pgm, ppm, pam and png. Select the pages to be rendered by specifying a comma separated list of ranges and individual page numbers (for example: 1,5,10-15). In no pages are specified all the pages will be rendered.


-o output
The image format is deduced from the output file name. Embed %d in the name to indicate the page number (for example: "page%d.png").
-F format
Output format (if no -F, -o will be examined) Supported formats: png, tga, pnm, pam, pwg, pcl, svg, pdf
-p password
Use the specified password if the file is encrypted.
-r resolution
Render the page at the specified resolution. The default resolution is 72 dpi.
-w width
Render the page at the specified width (or, if the -r flag is used, render with a maximum width).
-h height
Render the page at the specified height (or, if the -r flag is used, render with a maximum height).
Fit exactly; ignore the aspect ratio when matching specified width/heights.
-R angle
Rotate clockwise by given number of degrees.
Save the alpha channel. The default behavior is to render each page with a white background. With this option, the page background is transparent. Only supported for pam and png output formats.
Render in grayscale. The default is to render a full color RGB image. If the output format is pgm or ppm this option is ignored.
Show timing information. Take the time it takes for each page to render and print a summary at the end.
Print an MD5 checksum of the rendered image data for each page.
Print the text contents of each page in UTF-8 encoding. Give the option twice to print detailed information about the location of each character in XML format.
Print the display list used to render each page.
Disable the use of accelerated functions.
-G gamma
Gamma correct the output image. Some typical values are 0.7 or 1.4 to thin or darken text rendering.
Invert the output image colors.
Comma separated list of ranges to render.


MuPDF is Copyright 2006-2014 Artifex Software, Inc.