mup2mma(1) create MMA file using chords from MUP music notation file


mup2mma [options] <mupfile>


mup2mma extracts chords from a MUP music notation file and creates a MMA file. For this to work the MUP file must use the macro ``C'' for chord. In my MUP files I have the following:

define C bold (11) chord above all: @

This script just checks all input lines and assumes that anything starting with ``C'' is a chord line.

Additional ``features'':

Lines in the form ``// TEMPO: xx'' generate a Tempo entry

``time ='' lines are parsed for common time signatures

repeats are inserted as comment lines


add melody lines
add lyrics


The latest version of this program is always distributed with MMA and is available at


Bob van der Poel <[email protected]>


mup2mma is Copyright 2002-2008 Bob van der Poel. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU General Public License.