Murmur(1) PyGTK2 client for museek


murmur [-c --config <filename>] [-l --log <directory>] [-v] [--version] [-d] [-h] [--help]


Murmur provides a GTK2 interface for the Museek Daemon for chatting, transferring files, managing users, viewing user info and browsing shares on the Soulseek P2P network and Soulfind Servers.

You will need a configured and running museekd(1).


Murmur accepts the following options:

-c <filename>, --config <filename>
Use a different config file.
-l <directory>, --log <directory>
Use a different chat log directory.
-v, --version
Display Version and exit.
Display debug messages while running.
-h, --help
Display Help and exit.


To run this program the standard way type:


Alternativly you use a different config file with:

murmur --config config

Or a different chat logging directory with:

murmur --log logdir


The default location for the mucous config file.

The default directory for chat logs.

The directory where chat room logs are stored.

The directory where private chat logs are stored.

The file where a user's userinfo image is saved.


daelstorm <[email protected]>