murmur-user-wrapper(1) User wrapper for murmurd.


murmur-user-wrapper [options]


Murmur is the server component of Mumble, a low-latency, high quality VoIP application. Murmur-wrapper is a wrapper script to make it easier for normal users to set up their own, private murmur server.


-d directory
Set directory to use. By default, the wrapper script uses $HOME/murmur
Check if murmur process is running.
Terminate running murmur process.
Initialize only, do not start the server.
-p password
Specify password for the SuperUser account and exit. SuperUser is the mumble equivalent of root, a special user which bypasses all access restrictions.


To create your own private server, you first want to run
murmur-user-wrapper -i

Then edit ~/murmur/murmur.ini to set the various configuration settings. The most important is probably the port; unless you're the only murmur process running on this server, you'll need to change it.

When you're happy with your settings, you need to set the password for SuperUser, which is your administrator account.

murmur-user-wrapper -p <password>

Once this is done, simply run


to start the server.


mumble and murmurd was written by Thorvald Natvig <[email protected]>.