murmurd(1) VoIP server.


murmurd [options]


Murmur is the server component of Mumble, a low-latency, high quality VoIP application.


-h, --help
Show a summary of the options.
-ini inifile
Specify which inifile to use. Without this option, murmur will search for a murmur.ini file and will fall back to builtin defaults if one isn't found.
Run in the foreground (do not fork).
This is very useful for debugging.
Verbose mode, slightly more information is logged.
-supw password [serverid]
This will forcefully set the SuperUser password for a server. SuperUser is a special account (similar to root ) which bypasses all access controls. This command may be used while the server is running.


mumble and murmurd was written by Thorvald Natvig <[email protected]>.