muroar_beep(3) Send notify beep to RoarAudio sound daemon


#include <muroar.h>

int muroar_beep (muroar_t fh);


This function sends a notify beep to the sound daemon fh is connected to. fh need to be connected using muroar_connect(3) to a sound server supporting the RoarAudio protocol and the BEEP command.


On success this call return 0. On error, -1 is returned.


The beep is canceld at the server side as soon as the connection is closed. This means that you should not close the connection before the beep is played completely.


This commands requests the server for a default beep. No other kind of beep can be send. There is in addition no way to tell the actual length of the beep. The application should at least wait a bit more than 512ms before closing the socket. In case possible it is good to wait a minimum of about one secound to be really sure the beep ended.


This function first appeared in muRoar version 0.1rc2.