music123(1) plays various sound files (usually including MP3, Ogg and Wav).


music123 [ -hqrvz ] file ...


music123 is a shell around various command line programs to play music files. It will descend directories trees with -r, and randomize file lists with -z. The programs used and the options given them are listed in /etc/music123rc or ~/.music123rc.


Show command help and exit;
Quiet mode. No messages are displayed.
Recurse into directories, instead of ignoring them.
Display version information and exit.
Play files in random order.
Play the files randomly and endlessly.
Loop. -z -l differs from -Z in that -z -l will randomize, play through the song list (without repetition) in random order once, and repeat the songs in that order over and over; -Z will randomly play the songs, without any order, and will possibly play a song right after itself.
Ignore extension case.
List files and exit.
Start a task that handle commands, only one command supported : quit, using q or Q will quit the application at the end of the current song.
Set music123 not to delay between songs. (May make music123 harder to kill).
Customize the time music123 delays between songs. -d takes one argument, expressed in seconds, which may have a fractional part.
[email protected]
Play the files listed in the mandatory argument of [email protected] Other files can be added on the command line, and this option can be given several times. Note that music123 doesn't yet play URLs.
End option list.


Play three songs:

music123 test1.ogg test2.mp3 test3.wav

Play a couple of directories and other songs at random:

music123 -z -r Rock/ test1.ogg Pop/ test4.wav


Describes which programs music123 uses, which files types it supports, and which options it passes those programs.

Per-user config file to override the system wide settings.



David Starner <[email protected]>