mutt_vc_query(1) vCard query utility for mutt


mutt_vc_query [-m -e ] [-t type ] [-f datafile ] query
mutt_vc_query [-v ]
mutt_vc_query [-V ]
mutt_vc_query [-h ]


A vCard query utility for mutt. This utility can be used at the shell prompt to perform ad-hoc queries, but it is meant to be used by mutt's Qo query_command Qc option. Place the following line in your Qo ~/.muttrc Qc file:

set query_command = Qo mutt_vc_query '%s' Qc

The search using the given query string will be case insensitive. The options are as follows:

Sort the results by email.
Use the datafile to perform the query.
Display usage help.
Sort the results by the miscellaneous field.
Uses the specified type for the miscellaneous field.
Display the version.
Display the copyright and license.


Default data file that mutt_vc_query will query.


To query for the string Qo Hsu Qc and have the miscellaneous field be populated by the type Qo NICKNAME Qc :

mutt_vc_query -t NICKNAME Hsu


Ex -std mutt_vc_query


An Andrew Hsu Aq [email protected]


Man page is not finished yet.