nauty-copyg(1) convert format and select subset


copyg [,-gszfp#:#qhx/] [,infile /[,outfile/]]


Copy a file of graphs with possible format conversion.
Use graph6 format for output
Use sparse6 format for output
Use digraph6 format for output
Use incremental sparse6 format for output
In the absence of -g, -s, -z or -i, the format depends on the header or, if none, the first input line. As an exception, digraphs are always written in digraph6.
-p# -p#:#
Specify range of input lines (first is 1) This can fail if the input has incremental lines. -f With -p, assume input lines of fixed length
(ignored if header or first line has sparse6 format).
-I# Have at most this number of incremental steps
in a row.
Implies -i.
Write a header.
Don't write a header.
In the absence of -h and -x, a header is written if there is one in the input.
Suppress auxiliary output.