ncftool(1) Network configuration tool


ncftool [command [options]]


ncftool is a command line utility to configure networking. It can be invoked with no arguments to bring up the interactive ncftool shell. Alternatively a command and optional arguments can be specified to have ncftool execute the command non-interactively.


list [--macs] [--all] [--inactive]

List the currently configured toplevel network interfaces
[--macs] - show MAC addresses
[--all] - show all (up & down) interfaces
[--inactive] - show only inactive (down) interfaces

dumpxml [--mac] [--live] name

Dump the XML description of an interface
[--mac] - interpret the name as MAC address
[--live] - include information about the live interface
name - the name of the interface

define xmlfile

Define an interface from the specified XML file.

undefine iface

Remove the configuration of the specified interface.

ifup iface

Bring up specified interface.

ifdown iface

Bring down specified interface.


Mark the beginning of a set of revertible network configuration changes.


Commit (make permanent) a set of network configuration changes begun with change-begin.


Rollback (revert) a set of network configuration changes begun with change-begin.

help [command]

Print details about command, if specified, or list all commands if command is not specified.


Exit the program.


Please refer to the AUTHORS file distributed with netcf.