nctoh5(1) Convert a NetCDF file into a PyTables (HDF5 format) file


nctoh5 -h -v -o --complevel=(0-9) --complib=lib --shuffle=(0|1) --fletcher32=(0|1) --unpackshort=(0|1) --quantize=(0|1) netcdffilename hdf5filename


Convert a generic NetCDF file into a PyTables (HDF5 format) file


A summary of options is included below.
Prints a help text.
Show more information.
Overwrite destination file.
Sets a compression level (0 for no compression, which is the default).
Sets the compression library to be used during the copy. lib can be set to "zlib", "lzo" or "ucl". Defaults to "zlib".
Activate or not the shuffling filter (default is active if complevel>0).
Whether activate or not the fletcher32 filter (not active by default).
Unpack short integer variables to float variables using scale_factor and add_offset netCDF variable attributes (not active by default).
Quantize data to improve compression using least_significant_digit netCDF variable attribute (not active by default). See
for further explanation of what this attribute means.


This manual page was written by Francesc Altet <[email protected]>.