Net::DBus::Binding::PendingCall(3) A handler for pending method replies


my $call = Net::DBus::Binding::PendingCall->new(method_call => $call,
pending_call => $reply);
# Wait for completion
# And get the reply message
my $msg = $call->get_reply;


This object is used when it is necessary to make asynchronous method calls. It provides the means to be notified when the reply is finally received.


my $call = Net::DBus::Binding::PendingCall->new(method_call => $method_call, pending_call => $pending_call);
Creates a new pending call object, with the "method_call" parameter being a reference to the "Net::DBus::Binding::Message::MethodCall" object whose reply is being waiting for. The "pending_call" parameter is a reference to the raw C pending call object.
Cancel the pending call, causing any reply that is later received to be discarded.
my $boolean = $call->get_completed
Returns a true value if the pending call has received its reply, or a timeout has occurred.
Block the caller until the reply is received or a timeout occurrs.
my $msg = $call->get_reply;
Retrieves the "Net::DBus::Binding::Message" object associated with the complete call.
Sets a notification function to be invoked when the pending call completes. The callback will be passed a single argument which is this pending call object.


Daniel P. Berrange


Copyright (C) 2006-2011 Daniel P. Berrange