Net::DBus::Service(3) Provide a service to the bus for clients to use


package main;
use Net::DBus;
# Attach to the bus
my $bus = Net::DBus->find;
# Acquire a service 'org.demo.Hello'
my $service = $bus->export_service("org.demo.Hello");
# Export our object within the service
my $object = Demo::HelloWorld->new($service); of program...


This module represents a service which is exported to the message bus. Once a service has been exported, it is possible to create and export objects to the bus.


my $service = Net::DBus::Service->new($bus, $name);
Create a new service, attaching to the bus provided in the $bus parameter, which should be an instance of the Net::DBus object. The $name parameter is the qualified service name. It is not usually necessary to use this constructor, since services can be created via the "export_service" method on the Net::DBus object.
my $bus = $service->get_bus;
Retrieves the Net::DBus object to which this service is attached.
my $name = $service->get_service_name
Retrieves the qualified name by which this service is known on the bus.


Daniel P. Berrange


Copyright (C) 2005-2011 Daniel P. Berrange