Net::DRI::Data::Contact(3) Handle contact data, modeled from EPP for Net::DRI


This base class encapsulates all data for a contact as defined in EPP (RFC4933). It can (and should) be subclassed for TLDs needing to store other data for a contact. All subclasses must have a validate() method that takes care of verifying contact data, and an id() method returning an opaque value, unique per contact (in a given registry).

The following methods are both accessors and mutators : as mutators, they can be called in chain, as they all return the object itself.

Postal information through name() org() street() city() sp() pc() cc() can be provided twice. EPP allows a localized form (content is in unrestricted UTF-8) and internationalized form (content MUST be represented in a subset of UTF-8 that can be represented in the 7-bit US-ASCII character set). Not all registries support both forms.

When setting values, you pass one element if both forms are equal or two elements as a list (first the localized form, then the internationalized one). When getting values, in list context you get back both values, in scalar context you get back the first one, that is the localized form.

You can also use methods int2loc() and loc2int() to create one version from the other.



local object ID for this contact, never sent to registry (can be used to track the local db id of this object)


server ID, ID of the object as known by the registry in which it was created


an alias (needed for Net::DRI::Data::ContactSet) of the previous method


registry/remote object id (internal to a registry)


name of the contact


organization of the contact


street address of the contact (ref array of up to 3 elements)


city of the contact


state/province of the contact


postal code of the contact


alpha2 country code of the contact (will be verified against list of valid country codes)


email address of the contact


voice number of the contact (in the form +CC.NNNNNNNNxEEE)


fax number of the contact (same form as above)


authentication for this contact (hash ref with a key 'pw' and a value being the password)


privacy settings related to this contact (see RFC)


create the localized part from the internationalized part ; existing internationalized data is overwritten


create the internationalized part from the localized part ; existing localized data is overwritten ; as the internationalized part must be a subset of UTF-8 when the localized one can be the full UTF-8, this operation may creates undefined characters (?) as result


return a string formed with all data contained in this contact object ; this is mostly useful for debugging and logging, this string should not be parsed as its format is not guaranteed to remain stable, you should use the above accessors


return an array of attributes name available in this contact object (taking into account any subclass specific attribute)


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