Net::Jabber::Dialback(3) Jabber Dialback Module


Net::Jabber::Dialback is a companion to the Net::Jabber::Server
module. It provides the user a simple interface to set and retrieve
all parts of a Jabber Server Dialback.


  To initialize the Dialback with a Jabber <db:*/> you must pass it
  the XML::Stream hash.  For example:
    my $dialback = new Net::Jabber::Dialback(%hash);
  You now have access to all of the retrieval functions available.
  To create a new message to send to the server:
    use Net::Jabber qw(Server);
    $DB = new Net::Jabber::Dialback("verify");
    $DB = new Net::Jabber::Dialback("result");
  Please see the specific documentation for Net::Jabber::Dialback::Result
  and Net::Jabber::Dialback::Verify.
  For more information about the array format being passed to the
  CallBack please read the Net::Jabber::Client documentation.


By Ryan Eatmon in May of 2001 for


This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.