NetSDS::EDR(3) read/write Event Details Records


use NetSDS::EDR;
my $edr = NetSDS::EDR->new(
filename => '/mnt/billing/call-stats.dat',
callerid => '80441234567',
clip => '89001234567',
start_time => '2006-12-55 12:21:46',
end_time => '2008-12-55 12:33:22'


"NetSDS::EDR" module implements API for writing EDR (Event Details Record) files form applications.

EDR itself is set of structured data describing details of some event. Exact structure depends on event type and so hasn't fixed structure.

In NetSDS EDR data is written to plain text files as JSON structures one row per record.


new(%params) - class constructor

* filename - EDR file name


    my $edr = NetSDS::EDR->new(
                filename => '/mnt/stat/ivr.dat',
write($rec1 [,$rec2 [...,$recN]]) - write EDR to file
This methods converts records to JSON and write to file. Each record writing to one separate string.


        $edr->write({from => '380441234567', to => '5552222', status => 'busy'});


See "samples" directory.


* Handle I/O errors when write EDR data.


Michael Bochkaryov <[email protected]>


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