netwox(1) examples/tools of the network library netwib


The version installed on this system is 5.39.0.


Manpage do not contain a lot of information. Rather read netwox-5.39.0-doc_html.tgz.


netwox number [ parameters... ]
netwox number --help
netwox number --help2


Toolbox netwox helps to find and solve network problems.

It provides 223 tools :
 - udp/tcp clients/servers
 - spoofing
 - sniffing
 - address conversion
 - etc.

Netwox is mainly oriented towards network administrators and security auditors.

Some tools are only a simplified implementation, while others are very sophisticated.

Netwox is available under the GNU GPL license.


number of the tool to use
parameters for the chosen tool number. Parameter --help shows help. Parameter --help2 shows description.

When using netwox without number and parameters, it enters interactive help mode. In this mode, the user has to select a category by pressing a key. Then by choosing a tool number, its corresponding usage is displayed. Note: netwag is easier than interactive help mode.


netwox 23 --help
display simple help for tool number 23
netwox 23 --help2
display full description of tool 23. It also display its description.
netwox 23
run tool 23
netwox 23 --extended
run tool 23 with --extended parameter
netwox 23 -e
run tool 23 with -e parameter (synonym for --extended)

All the tools are not described in this manpage. Reading netwox-5.39.0-doc_html.tgz is recommended.