newlispdoc(1) generate documentation from newLISP source comments


newlispdoc [-s] [-d] lisp-file1 [lisp-file2 ...]

newlispdoc [-s] [-d] [-url] urls-file


newlispdoc is a commandline utility written in newLISP to generate HTML documentation from comments written in newLISP source files. Consult /usr/share/doc/newlisp/newLISPdoc.html for a detailed description on how to write comments usable for newlispdoc. The newlispdoc command should be executed from inside the directory where the newLISP source files can be found. The generated documentation files will have .html added to the name of the source file. An index.html page is generated, which is listing for each file links to all the documented functions. If the current directory contains the file newlispdoc.css, it will be used for formatting HTML output. For a sample see util/newlispdoc.css in the source distribution.


this option causes newlispdoc to also generate a syntax highlighted HTML file of the source. A link to this file will be present in the HTML documentation of this file. The generated file will have the added extension .src.html.
also generate a link to the raw unformatted sourcefile.
is a commented newLISP source file from which a documentation file will be generated.
this option is used to retrieve newLISP source files for documentation from remote locations.
is a file containing urls of newLISP source files, one url per line.


Generate all documentation form files in the current directory.
newlispdoc afile.lsp bfile.lsp

Generate documentation and syntax highlighted HTML versions from all lisp files in the current directory and also supply a download link.
newlispdoc -s -d *.lsp
Retrieve source files for documentation from remote locations. Each file is specified on one line in urls.txt with its http:// address.
newlispdoc -s -url urls.txt


newlispdoc returns a zero exit status for normal exit or writes a usage message if not enough paramneters are supplied.


Lutz Mueller <[email protected]>