News::Article::NoCeM(3) a module to generate accurate nocem notices


use News::Article::NoCeM;
my $nocem = new News::Article::NoCeM();
$nocem->hide($type, $spam);
$nocem->make_notice($type, $name, $issuer, $group, $prefix);
$nocem->sign($keyid, $passphrase);
$nocem->issue($conn, $ihave);


Creates a nocem notice on the Usenet articles, which may be posted normally to hide the messages.


use News::Article::NoCeM;

News::Article::NoCeM is class that inherits News::Article and adds four new functions: hide(), make_notice(), sign() and issue(), redefine to disable two functions: post() and ihave().

Article Methods

hide ( TYPE, ARTICLE, [ARTICLE, ...] )
Hide one or more articles in the given "TYPE". "ARTICLE" is an News::Article object that going to be hid. hide() will skip the articles without Newsgroup or Message-ID and skip the ones already hid.

hide() returns the number of the articles hid.

post() and ihave() is disabled in News::Article::NoCeM. Please use issue() instead.
make_notice ( TYPE, NAME, GROUP, ISSUER, [ PREFIX ] )
Retrive articles marked by hide with "TYPE", and make a notice fot them. If there's only one type within a container, then the container itself can be a notice. "NAME" is the identifier of the issuer. "GROUP" is the newsgroup the you will post nocem notice to. "ISSUER" is the email address of the issuer. "PREFIX" is the announcement before the nocem notice, which may explain the criteria of this notice, or where to find your public key for PGP verification.

make_notice() returns a News::Article::NoCeM object if success, and return undef if no article is hid.

Sign the content of the nocem notice with "KEYID" and "PASSPHRASE". Please make sure that the issuer's public/secret keyring is ready.

sign() returns a News::Article::NoCeM object if success, and return undef if no article is hid, or pgp_sign failed.

issue ( [ CONN, IHAVE ] )
Take optional "CONN" as a Net::NNTP object and issue the nocem notice. "IHAVE" indicates that call Net::NNTP::ihave() for submitting the notice, otherwise issue() will call News::Article::post() by default.

issue() return the result of News::Article::post() or issue().


Standard article manipulation information can be read in the News::Article manpages.

NoCeM FAQ is available on the web at <URL:>.


Written by Yen-Ming Lee <[email protected]>, based on a module by Tim Skirvin <[email protected]>.


Copyright 2004-2005 by Yen-Ming Lee <[email protected]>. This code may be redistributed under the same terms as Perl itself.