nih-dbus-tool(1) D-Bus binding code generator


nih-dbus-tool [OPTIONS]... [-o FILE] [XMLFILE]
nih-dbus-tool [OPTIONS]... -o FILE --system|--session --dest=NAME OBJECT-PATH



The D-Bus introspection format is an XML document describing the interfaces implemented by a particular object, including the methods and signals of that interface along with their arguments and the properties of that interface.

A single document describes a single object, represented by the root <node> tag. Interfaces implemented by that object are specified by <interface> tags within it. Methods, signals and properties defined by the interface are described by <method>, <signal> and <property> tags within the interface. Arguments to methods and signals are defined by <arg> tags within them. Names and other values are specified as attributes to the tag.

Additional properties for external tools or software may be given in <annotation> tags. These may appear within interfaces, methods, signals, properties and arguments. nih-dbus-tool makes use of many of these. Note that argument annotations are an nih-dbus-tool extension to the format.

nih-dbus-tool's parser is reasonably liberal, to allow for future expansion of the D-Bus introspection format. Any unknown tag, attribute or annotation, or any tag not in an expected location, will be ignored with a warning. However a missing root node tag, missing attributes, illegal or invalid format values for defined attributes or non well-formed XML will result in an error.

Character data and comments are not considered part of description, and are not parsed.



Written by Scott James Remnant <[email protected]>


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Copyright © 2009 Scott James Remnant <[email protected]>.

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