noise(1) simple, fast and good-looking music player


noise [OPTION...] [URI...]


noise is an easy to use, stable, fast and good looking music library organizer written in Vala and designed for elementary OS.

It has many modern features including Last.FM integration to download artwork, information, and scrobble your music, playlists and smart playlists, find music similar to the currently playing song, simple UI, fast searching for music, queue system, mass song editing and more...

Unlike most music players, passing a file or URI while another track is playing will not cause the new track to be played immediately. Instead the new track(s) will be enqueued and played after the currently played one finishes.


X display to use.
-d, --debug
Enable debug logging.
-h, --help
Show help options.
-h, --help-gtk
Show GTK+ help options.
-a, --about
Show a graphical About dialog.


Victor Martinez <[email protected]>, Scott Ringwelski <[email protected]>, Corentin Noël <[email protected]>, Lucas Baudin <[email protected]> et al.