yodlpost(1) Yodl post-processor


yodlpost [options] index yodlout [out]


The Yodl post processor is used to solve references into the converted text, and to split (where appropriate) the converted Yodl text in parts. Some conversions do not require post-processing, such as LaTeX, but most do. Therefore, in most cases a Yodl conversion consists of two phases:

  • First, yodl(1) is called, producing a raw output file and an associated index file;
  • Then, yodlpost(1) is called, converting these two files into a final document. Normally, yodl2...(1) scripts are used to perform complete Yodl conversions.


-x ext: extension of the out-s if different from out's extension itself. If omitted, and out has no extension, ypp (Yodl Post Processor) is used.




Frank B. Brokken ([email protected]),