notifyme(1) notifies a user then other one logs in


notifyme [-c conf ] [-C] [-l] [-q] [-h] [ USERNAME ] ...


notifyme is a console utility that stays in a background (it isn't a daemon but it doesn't block terminal) and prints a message if a specified login and/or logout occurs. .

When program starts it reports number of logins and minimum idle time of the users that you specified in a resource file. .

In the config file ($HOME/notify.rc by default) you can specify (extended regular expressions are allowed) usernames, hostnames and terminals that should be monitored, optional messages that will be displayed and other options (beep, report logouts etc.).


-c config-file
Specify the configuration file where usernames, hostname and terminals which will be monitored.
Force notifyme to display messages on the center of the screen.
Do not report when the user logouts.
No beep when a message appears.
Show help index.


Indication of usernames, terminals and hostnames to be monitored.


Michal Suszycki <[email protected]>