Ns_SetLocationProc(3) Set the location procedure to use

Other Alias



#include "ns.h"

Ns_SetConnLocationProc(Ns_LocationProc *procPtr)

Ns_SetLocationProc(char *ignored, Ns_LocationProc *procPtr)


These functions set the procedure to run when a call to Ns_ConnLocation is made. The location is defined in the form METHOD://HOSTNAME:PORT, e.g. http://myhost.com:8443.

Setting the location procedure with these functions will cause all calls to Ns_ConnLocation to use the location procedure you define instead of using the location procedure callback in the communication module for the connection.

There may be cases where you want to do this. For example, you could create a location procedure that reports on the values returned by communication module location procedure callbacks. At the end of that procedure, you could then return that value after logging the information making your location procedure is effectively transparent to the server and other modules.


Set the function to use when Ns_ConnLocation is called. This function is deprecated. Use Ns_SetLocationProc instead.

Ns_SetLocationProc(ignored, procPtr)

Set the function to use when Ns_ConnLocation is called. The ignored argument is reserved for future use.