ns_striphtml(3) commands

Other Alias

ns_hrefs, ns_quotehtml


ns_hrefs html

ns_quotehtml html

ns_striphtml html


ns_hrefs returns a list of all the URLs that the html has <A> links to. There is currently no provision for normalizing any relative URL with a specified <BASE> URL. Also, for a URL to be returned the HREF attribute must come before any other attributes (such as TITLE, STYLE, etc.) within the opening <A> tag.

ns_quotehtml substitutes all instances of "<", ">", and "&" within html with their respective HTML entities ("&lt;", "&gt;", and "&amp;" respectively). This command is useful if you want to include html in another page as plain text.

ns_striphtml returns a new string that is html with all the HTML tags removed. HTML entities are left untouched.