nvme-lnvm-diag-bbtbl(1) Diagnose the bad block table


nvme lnvm-diag-bbtbl [--namespace-id=<NUM> | -n <NUM>]
[--channel-id=<CHID> | -c <CHID>]
[--lun-id=<LUNID> | -l <LUNID>]
[--raw-binary | -b]


Retrieve the bad block table for a given channel and lun.

The statistics will be shown in the default case, and the actual output bad block information can be retrieved when --raw-binary is passed.

The raw binary output follows this format:

Channel 0, LUN0 (Dual plane flash)

Byte 0 → Plane 0, Block 0 Byte 1 → Plane 1, Block 0 Byte 2 → Plane 0, Block 1 ...


--namespace-id=<NUM>, -n <NUM>

Namespace id to use

--channel-id=<NUM>, -c

Channel id

--lun-id=<NUM>, -l

LUN id

--raw-binary, -b

Returns the bad block table in binary form without statistics.


• Retrieve bad block table statistics for physical device nvme0, channel 0, and lun 0:

# nvme lnvm-diag-bbtbl /dev/nvme0 -c 0 -n 0

• Display the bad block table in raw form without statistics for same query:

# nvme lnvm-diag-bbtbl /dev/nvme0 -c 0 -n 0 -b | hexdump


Part of the nvme-user suite