ObConf(1) configuration utility for Openbox


obconf [OPTIONS] [ARCHIVE.obt]


ObConf is a preferences manager for Openbox (version 3.0 and up). Its user interface is rather self-explanatory and thus does not need to be documented in this manual page.


--archive ITHEME
Create a theme archive from the given theme directory.
--config-file IFILE
Specify the path to the configuration file to use.
--install IARCHIVE.obt
Installs the given theme archive and selects it.
--tab NUMBER
Display the tab number NUMBER.
Displays information about the currently installed version and exists.


More information about ObConf and the Openbox project can be found on the homepage at <http://www.openbox.org/>.


ObConf was written by Ben Jansens <[email protected]>, Dana Jansens <[email protected]>, Tim Riley <[email protected]>, and Javeed Shaikh <[email protected]>.