Odot(1) A task list manager


odot [FILE]


Odot is a task list manager that organizes tasks hierarchically and emphasizes ones which are due.

You can add tasks by either using the ``Add'' button at the bottom or the right click context menu. A new row will be appended and you can immediately start editing it.

Tasks can be modified by highlighting the row and activating the cell that should be edited. Cells are activated by either clicking on them or by pressing [Enter] when they are focused. Existing tasks can be deleted with the ``Delete'' button, the equivalent menu entry or by hitting the [Del] key.

When editing a node, you can press [Up] or [Down] to commit changes to the current node and move to and edit the previous or next node.

You can reorder tasks by dragging and dropping them wherever you like or by using [Alt] plus the arrow key that denotes the direction you want. Indenting and unindenting can also be achieved via [Tab] and [Backspace] respectively. You can sort the children of a task alphabetically by using the ``Sort'' or the ``Sort Recursively'' menu item.

You can cut / copy and paste nodes including all their children with [Ctrl]+[x] / [Ctrl]+[C] and [Ctrl]+[v].

Every change is undoable by pressing [Ctrl]+[z] and every undone change is redoable by pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[z].

If its due date is only two days ahead of the current date, the task will be printed bold. If a task is due today, it's printed bold and italic. If a task is overdue, it's printed italic.

If a due task is hidden because one of its ancestors is collapsed, these ancestors are printed underlined.