ola_e131(1) Configure E1.31 devices managed by OLA.


ola_e131 -d <dev-id> -p <port-id> [--input] --preview-mode <on|off>


ola_e131 is used to configure E1.31 devices managed by OLA.


-d, --device <device>
Id of the device to control.
-h, --help
Display the help message
-i, --input
Set an input port, otherwise set an output port.
-l, --log-level <int8_t>
Set the logging level 0 .. 4.
-p, --port-id <port>
Id of the port to control
-v, --version
Display version information
--preview-mode <on|off>
Set the preview mode bit.
Get the discovery state
Send to syslog rather than stderr.
Disable the use of epoll(), revert to select()
Disable the use of kqueue(), revert to select()
--scheduler-policy <policy>
The thread scheduling policy, one of {fifo, rr}.
--scheduler-priority <priority>
The thread priority, only used if --scheduler-policy is set.