oneimage(1) manages OpenNebula images


oneimage command [args] [options]


 -d, --datastore id|name   Selects the datastore
 --name name               Name of the new image
 --description description Description for the new Image
 --type type               Type of the new Image: OS, CDROM, DATABLOCK,
                           KERNEL, RAMDISK, CONTEXT
 --persistent              Tells if the image will be persistent
 --prefix prefix           Device prefix for the disk (eg. hd, sd, xvd or
 --target target           Device the disk will be attached to
 --path path               Path of the image file
 --driver driver           Driver to use image (raw, qcow2, tap:aio:...)
 --disk_type disk_type     Type of the image (BLOCK, CDROM, RBD or FILE)
 --source source           Source to be used. Useful for not file-based
 --size size               Size in MB. Used for DATABLOCK type or SOURCE
                           based images.
 --fstype fstype           Type of file system to be built. This can be any
                           value understood by mkfs unix command.
 --dry                     Just print the template
 -a, --append              Append new attributes to the current template
 -l, --list x,y,z          Selects columns to display with list command
 -d, --delay x             Sets the delay in seconds for top command
 -f, --filter x,y,z        Filter data. An array is specified with
                           column=value pairs.
 --csv                     Write table in csv format
 -x, --xml                 Show the resource in xml format
 -n, --numeric             Do not translate user and group IDs
 --describe                Describe list columns
 -v, --verbose             Verbose mode
 -h, --help                Show this message
 -V, --version             Show version and copyright information
 --user name               User name used to connect to OpenNebula
 --password password       Password to authenticate with OpenNebula
 --endpoint endpoint       URL of OpenNebula xmlrpc frontend


create [file] Creates a new Image Examples:
  - using a template description file:
    oneimage create -d default centOS.tmpl
  - new image "arch" using a path of type centOS:
    oneimage create -d default --name arch --path /tmp/arch.img
  - new persistent image, OS type and qcow2 format:
    oneimage create -d 1 --name ubuntu --path /tmp/ubuntu.qcow2 \
                    --prefix sd --type OS --driver qcow2 \
                    --description "A OS plain installation"
  - a datablock image of 400MB:
    oneimage create -d 1 --name data --type DATABLOCK --size 400 \
                    --fstype ext2
valid options: datastore, name, description, type, persistent, prefix, target, path, driver, disk_type, source, size, fstype, dry

clone imageid name Creates a new Image from an existing one valid options: datastore
delete range|imageid_list Deletes the given Image
persistent range|imageid_list Makes the given Image persistent. A persistent Image saves the changes made to the contents after the VM instance is shutdown (or in real time if a shared FS is used). Persistent Images can be used by only one VM instance at a time.
nonpersistent range|imageid_list Makes the given Image non persistent. See 'oneimage persistent'
update imageid [file] Update the template contents. If a path is not provided the editor will be launched to modify the current content. valid options: append
enable range|imageid_list Enables the given Image
chtype range|imageid_list type Changes the Image's type
disable range|imageid_list Disables the given Image
chgrp range|imageid_list groupid Changes the Image group
chown range|imageid_list userid [groupid] Changes the Image owner and group
chmod range|imageid_list octet Changes the Image permissions
rename imageid name Renames the Image
list [filterflag] Lists Images in the pool valid options: list, delay, filter, csv, xml, numeric, describe
show imageid Shows information for the given Image valid options: xml
top [filterflag] Lists Images continuously valid options: list, delay, filter, csv, xml, numeric, describe


file Path to a file
range List of id's in the form 1,8..15
text String
groupid OpenNebula GROUP name or id
userid OpenNebula USER name or id
imageid OpenNebula IMAGE name or id
imageid_list Comma-separated list of OpenNebula IMAGE names or ids
filterflag a, all all the known IMAGEs m, mine the IMAGE belonging to the user in ONE_AUTH g, group 'mine' plus the IMAGE belonging to the groups the user is member of uid IMAGE of the user identified by this uid user IMAGE of the user identified by the username


OpenNebula 4.12.3 Copyright 2002-2015, OpenNebula Project (, C12G Labs

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at