openlugaru(6) Third-person rabbit action game


openlugaru [-forceoss] [-forcealsa] [-nosound] [-openalinfo] [-showresolutions] [-windowed] [-nomousegrab] [-h|-help|--help]


On launch, the $HOME/.lugaru directory will be copied to $HOME/.openlugaru, if the latter does not exist already.

openlugaru reads its configuration from $HOME/.openlugaru/Data/config.txt, Which is generated on first launch of the game. The file /usr/share/games/openlugaru/Data/config.txt (if present) serves as a static default in case no configuration file has yet been generated by the user.

OpenLugaru can toggle fullscreen via [alt]+[return] and toggle mouse + keyboard grabbing via [ctrl]+[g] OpenLugaru on Debian currently defaults to -windowed and -nomousegrab, use the above shortcuts to return to fullscreen and grabbing mode respectively. Note that fullscreen also implies mouse + keyboard grab.


Override detected sound server and use OSS.
Override detected sound server and use ALSA.
Disable sound output.
Print OpenAL info (and launch the game).
Print a list of resolutions deemed appropriate for the current display (and launch the game).
Launch the game in windowed mode.
Do not restrict the mouse to the game window, nor capture all keyboard input.
-h | -help | --help
Show this manpage.


OpenLugaru was originally written by Wolfire Games <>.

Since 2010 it is developed by Neal Gompa <[email protected]>, Alexander Monakov <[email protected]>, Côme BERNIGAUD <[email protected]>, sf17k, and others.

This manual page was written by Arand Nash <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).