opensipsctl(8) opensips control tool


opensipsctl command [ parameters ]


opensipsctl is a shell script to control OpenSIPS SIP server It can be used to manage users, domains, aliases and other server options




Displays a short usage description, including all available options.
show internal status
show running processes
send raw FIFO commands
ping <uri>
ping a URI (OPTIONS)
cisco_restart <uri>
restart a Cisco phone (NOTIFY)
SUBSCRIBER management:
add <username> <password>
add a new subscriber (*)
passwd <username> <passwd>
change user's password (*)
rm <username>
delete a user (*)
alias show [<alias>]
show aliases
alias rm <alias>
remove an alias
alias add <alias> <uri>
add an aliases
rpid add <username> <rpid>
add rpid for a user (*)
rpid rm <username>
set rpid to NULL for a user (*)
rpid show <username>
show rpid of a user
alias_db show <alias>
show alias details
alias_db list <sip-id>
list aliases for uri
alias_db add <alias> <sip-id>
add an alias (*)
alias_db rm <alias>
remove an alias (*)
alias_db help
help message
dispatcher show
show dispatcher gateways
dispatcher reload
reload dispatcher gateways
dispatcher dump
show in memory dispatcher gateways
dispatcher addgw <setid> <destination> <socket> <flags> <weight> <attrs> [description]
add gateway
dispatcher rmgw <id>
delete gateway
speeddial show <speeddial-id>
show speeddial details
speeddial list <sip-id>
list speeddial for uri
speeddial add <sip-id> <sd-id> <new-uri> [<desc>]
add a speedial (*)
speeddial rm <sip-id> <sd-id>
remove a speeddial (*)
speeddial help
help message
AVP management:
avp list [-T table] [-u <sip-id|uuid>] [-a attribute] [-v value] [-t type]
list AVPs
avp add [-T table] <sip-id|uuid> <attribute> <type> <value>
add AVP (*)
avp rm [-T table] [-u <sip-id|uuid>] [-a attribute] [-v value] [-t type]
remove AVP (*)
avp help
help message
ACL (Access Control Lists) management
acl show [<username>]
show user membership
acl grant <username> <group>
grant user membership (*)
acl revoke <username> [<group>]
grant user membership(s) (*)

USRLOC (User Location) management
ul show [<username>]
show in-RAM online users
ul rm <username> [<contact URI>]
delete user's UsrLoc entries
ul add <username> <uri>
introduce a permanent UrLoc entry
ul add <username> <uri> <expires>
introduce a temporary UrLoc entry
showdb [<username>]
show online users flushed in DB
DOMAIN management
domain show
show list of served domains
domain add <domainname>
add a new served domain
domain rm <domainname>
remove a served domain


Commands labeled with (*) will prompt for a MySQL password. If the environment variable PW is set, the password will not be prompted.

IP addresses must be entered in dotted quad format e.g.


see /usr/share/doc/opensipsAUTHORS