otbgui_FusionOfClassifications(1) OTB FusionOfClassifications application


This is the FusionOfClassifications application, version 5.2.0 Fuses several classifications maps of the same image on the basis of class labels.

Complete documentation: http://www.orfeo-toolbox.org/Applications/FusionOfClassifications.html


<boolean> Report progress

 -il                         <string list>    Input classifications  (mandatory)

<string> Fusion method [majorityvoting/dempstershafer] (mandatory, default value is majorityvoting)
-method.dempstershafer.cmfl <string list>
Confusion Matrices (mandatory)
<string> Mass of belief measurement [precision/recall/accuracy/kappa] (mandatory, default value is precision)
<int32> Label for the NoData class (mandatory, default value is 0)
<int32> Label for the Undecided class (mandatory, default value is 0)

 -out                        <string> [pixel] The output classification image  [pixel=uint8/uint16/int16/uint32/int32/float/double] (default value is uint8) (mandatory)

<string> Load otb application from xml file (optional, off by default)


otbgui_FusionOfClassifications -il classification1.tif classification2.tif classification3.tif -method dempstershafer -method.dempstershafer.cmfl classification1.csv classification2.csv classification3.csv -method.dempstershafer.mob precision -nodatalabel 0 -undecidedlabel 10 -out classification_fused.tif