otfaux(1) otfaux


otfaux - Append snapshots and statistics to an existing OTF trace
at given 'break' time stamps.
Syntax: otfaux [options] <input file name>
-h, --help
show this help message
show OTF version
-b <size>
buffer size for read and write operations
-n <n>
number of breaks (distributed regularly) if -p and -t are not set, the default for -n is 200 breaks
-p <p>
create break every 'p' ticks (if both, -n and -p are specified the one producing more breaks wins)
-t <t>
define (additional) break at given time stamp
force overwrite old snapshots and statistics
delete existing snapshots and statistics only
-f <n>
max number of filehandles output
create functiongroup summaries instead of function summaries
create file group summaries instead of file summaries
verbose mode, print break time stamps
show advancing progress during operation
-o <namestub> makes a copy of the input trace
--thumbnail-procs <n>
upper bound for the number of processes in the thumbnail
--thumbnail-samples <n>
upper bound for the number of sampling points in the thumbnail
produces inline snapshots (requires the -o option)
attach receive time information to send events (requires the -o option)
write snapshots and a thumbnail but NO statistics (default mode)
write ONLY a thumbnail
write ONLY statistics but NO snapshots or a thumbnail
write snapshots, a thumbnail, and statistics
-s a[,b]*
regard given streams only when computing statistics. expects a single token or comma separated list. this implies the '--statistics' option!
list existing stream tokens