otfshrink(1) otfshrink


otfshrink - Create a new OTF trace that only includes
specified processes.
Syntax: otfshrink [options] -i <file>
-h, --help
show this help message
show OTF version
-i <file>
input file name
-o <name>
namestub of the output file (default: out)
-l "<list>"
a list of processes in quotes to enable, i.e. keep in the copy, e.g. '-l "1,2 4-8 3",10 12-20'
invert setting from '-l', i.e. deactivate/exclude listed processes
-m "<list>"
map all listed processes to one representative and remove all remaining ones first process in list is the representative, must not be mixed with '-l' and '-v'
-f <file>
read multiple '-m' lists from the given file one list/group per line, empty lines allowed
-s <mode>
simulation mode: display all selected processes, no files are created, (display modes: (l)ist, (r)ange, or (t)able,
defaut: range)
-p <file>
displays all processes with name and id input file without ".otf"
Multiple instances of '-l', '-m', and '-f' may be used.