ownerstring(1) view/change the owner string on a Toshiba laptop


ownerstring [ -prs ]


ownerstring allows the owner string on a Toshiba laptop to be viewed and changed. The ownerstring is either printed on stdout or read from stdin. It is recomended when setting the ownerstring that you create a textfile containing the string that you wish to use and then use the standard file redirection facilities of your shell to redirect the file to stdin.

The maximum length of the ownerstring is 512 characters. The program automatically truncates longer strings. For laptop models which are unsupported a suitable error message is provided.


-p, --print
Print the current ownerstring on stdout.
-r, --remove
Remove any ownerstring that may be set.
-s, --set
Set the ownerstring using the information on stdin.


None that I know about.


This program was written by Jonathan Buzzard ([email protected]) and may be freely distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY for this program.