owx(1) utility to program Wouxun dual-band handheld radios


owx-check [ -v | -h ] [ -f ] [ -p <port> ] [ -t <timeout> ]
owx-get [ -v | -h ] [ -f ] [ -p <port> ] [ -t <timeout> ] -o <path>
owx-put [ -v | -h ] [ -f ] [ -p <port> ] [ -t <timeout> ] -i <path> -r <path>
owx-export [ -v | -h ] -i <bin path> -o <csv path>
owx-import [ -v | -h ] -i <csv path> -o <bin path>


This manual page documents briefly the owx commands.

owx is a set of commands that will allow you to fetch and update configuration on your Wouxun handheld radio. It is made of multiple commands.


These options are common to all commands.
Show summary of options.
Show version of program.
-c <command>
Invoke owx-<command>. Makes sense only if called directly as owx.

OPTIONS FOR check, get AND put

Force operation even if your radio identifies different from a KG669V. Use this option with extreme caution - it is very possible that your radio will be rendered unusable after you use this. It was NEVER tested with any radio different from mentoined above.
-p <port>
Use port <port>, defaults to /dev/ttyUSB0. Of course you must have appropriate read and write permissions for this device.
-t <timeout>
Specify the receive timeout for communication with radio. If you disable it (by setting to 0) and the communication fails, the program will hang forever. You probably don't need to change the default value (5 seconds).


This program just checks for the connection and identification string. It can be used to check that your cable and port works.
This program downloads memory map from radio to binary file.


-o <path>: binary file to write to


This program uploads memory map from binary file to radio.


-i <path>: binary file to read from
-r <path>: reference file

Option -r is not mandatory, but recommended. You can specify original, unchanged file (exactly as downloaded using owx-get) and this will speed up memory uploading, as owx will compare input file to this reference file and upload only changed memory pages. When using this option, be sure that nothing has changed in the radio (even the currently selected memory channel) between downloading reference file and using it for upload. This is important as some variables that cross the page boundaries (if there are any in the memory map) could be corrupted by this.


owx-get -o file.bin
cp file.bin backup.bin
owx-export -i file.bin -o wouxun.csv
oocalc wouxun.csv
owx-import -i wouxun.csv -o file.bin
owx-put -i file.bin -r backup.bin

Please do yourself a favour and double-check that you upload the correct file. If you try to upload incorrect or corrupted file, your radio will power down and fail to power up. owx will refuse to upload any file with incorrect size, but this is the only safety check.


This program exports channel data from binary file to CSV file. This file can be later edited using your favourite spreadsheet editor or even text editor.


-i <path>: binary file to read from
-o <path>: csv file to write to


This program reads the specified, possibly edited by you CSV file, and patches existing binary file with this updated data. The file is now prepared to be uploaded with owx-put.


-i <path>: csv file to read from

-o <path>: binary file to write to (must already exist)


owx was written by SP5GOF (Adam Wysocki).

This manual page was written by Antoine Beaupré <[email protected]>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others).