parsediasql(1) Command-line interface to Parse::Dia::SQL


parsediasql [OPTIONS] --file FILE --db DB


  file                   - Filename of Dia file
  db                     - Database type (e.g. 'db2')
  ignore_type_mismatch   - Allows foreign keys to have a different
                           type than the primary key it references, 
                           if true. Default false.
  uml                    - Use UML interpretation of the diagram, 
                           default is ERD interpretation.
  loglevel               - Log verbosity, valid values are
  backticks              - Use `backtick` notation (mysql-innodb only).
  htmlformat             - Optional custom format file (html only).


Dia is a diagram creation program for Linux, Unix and Windows released under the GPL license.

parsediasql is a Command-line interface to Parse::Dia::SQL

Parse::Dia::SQL converts Dia class diagrams into SQL.


  • Add options that correspond to %param in Parse::Dia::SQL::new


Parse::Dia::SQL is based on tedia2sql by Tim Ellis and others. See the AUTHORS file for details.

Modified by Andreas Faafeng, "<aff at>" for release on CPAN.