partimage(1) back up and restore disk partitions


partimage [ -bcdehimMnoSvwy ] [-B 'pattern response string'] [-z compresslevel] [-V volumesize] [-f actionatend] [-s server] [-p port] [-a mountoptions] [-U username] [-P password] [-g loglevel] [ save device image_file ]
partimage [ -bcdehimMnoSvwy ] [-B 'pattern response string'] [-z compresslevel] [-V volumesize] [-f actionatend] [-s server] [-p port] [-a mountoptions] [-U username] [-P password] [-g loglevel] [ restore device image_file/'stdin' ]
partimage [ restmbr image_file ]
partimage [ imginfo image_file ]


partimage backs up disk partitions into image files and restores them.


-z val, --compress val
Set image file compression level:
val=0: don't compress: very fast but very big image file
val=1: compress using gzip: fast and small image file (default)
val=2: compress using bzip2: very slow and very small image file
-c, --nocheck
Don't check the partition before saving.
-o, --overwrite
Overwrite the existing image file without confirmation.
-d, --nodesc
Don't ask any description for the image file.
-V vol, --volume vol
Split image into multiple volumes files. vol will be the size in KB of volumes.
-w, --waitvol
Wait for a confirmation after each volume change.
-e, --erase
Erase empty blocks on restore with zero bytes.
-m, --allowmnt
Don't fail if the partition is mounted. Dangerous!
-M, --nombr
Don't create a backup of the MBR (Mast Boot Record) in the image file.
-h, --help
Show help.
-v, --version
Show version.
-f action, --finish action
Action to do if finished successfully:
action=0: wait (do nothing)
action=1: halt (power off the computer)
action=2: reboot (restart the computer)
action=3: quit
-b, --batch
batch mode: the GUI won't wait for an user action.
-B 'pattern response string', --fully-batch 'pattern response string'
full batch mode: the GUI is not being displayed. Rather status messages are displayed as normal text. The pattern response string has the following format:
where the glob pattern is matched against the string <window-title>/<message-text> of the message dialogue box to be displayed. For dialog boxes with buttons in the window, the <response> must be the exact button text. The pattern response string usually needs to be quoted as above.
-y, --nosync
Don't synchronize the disks at the end of the operation. Dangerous!
-s addr, --server addr
Give partimaged server's ip address.
-p port, --port port
Give partimaged server's listening port.
-g debuglevel, --debug debuglevel
Set the debug level to debuglevel (defaults to 1).
-n, --nossl
Disable SSL in network mode.
-S, --simulate
Simulation of restoration mode.
-a str, --automnt str
Automatic mount with X options. Read the doc for more details.
-U name, --username=name
Username to authenticate to partimage server.
-P pass, --password=pass
Password for authentication of user to partimage server.


partimage -z1 -o -d save /dev/hda12 /mnt/backup/redhat-6.2.partimg.gz
partimage -z1 -om save /dev/hda9 /mnt/backup/win95-osr2.partimg.gz
partimage restore /dev/hda13 /mnt/backup/suse-6.4.partimg
cat debian.partimg.000 debian.partimg.001 | partimage restore /dev/hda1 stdin
partimage restmbr /mnt/backup/debian-potato-2.2.partimg.bz2
partimage imginfo /mnt/backup/debian-potato-2.2.partimg.bz2


You can read options set at compile time running 'partimage -i'.

When using batchmode, exit status is normaly 0.


Supported file systems: Ext2/3, Reiser3, FAT16/32, HPFS, JFS, XFS, UFS(beta), HFS(beta), NTFS(experimental)

FAT12 will never be supported.


Refer to BUGS file to read them.


Franck Ladurelle <[email protected]>
Francois Dupoux  <[email protected]>