Path::Dispatcher::Rule(3) predicate and codeblock


my $rule = Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Regex->new(
regex => qr/^quit/,
block => sub { die "Program terminated by user.\n" },
$rule->match("die"); # undef, because "die" !~ /^quit/
my $match = $rule->match("quit"); # creates a Path::Dispatcher::Match
$match->run; # exits the program


A rule has a predicate and an optional codeblock. Rules can be matched (which checks the predicate against the path) and they can be ran (which invokes the codeblock).

This class is not meant to be instantiated directly, because there is no predicate matching function. Instead use one of the subclasses such as Path::Dispatcher::Rule::Tokens.



An optional block of code to be run. Please use the "run" method instead of invoking this attribute directly.


A boolean indicating whether this rule can match a prefix of a path. If false, then the predicate must match the entire path. One use-case is that you may want a catch-all rule that matches anything beginning with the token "ticket". The unmatched, latter part of the path will be available in the match object.


match path -> match

Takes a path and returns a Path::Dispatcher::Match object if it matched the predicate, otherwise "undef". The match object contains information about the match, such as the results (e.g. for regex, a list of the captured variables), the "leftover" path if "prefix" matching was used, etc.


Runs the rule's codeblock. If none is present, it throws an exception.