table_passwd(5) format description for smtpd passwd tables


This manual page documents the file format of "passwd" tables used by the smtpd(8) mail daemon.

The format described here applies to tables as defined in smtpd.conf5.


A "passwd" table stores information regarding local users. The information is encoded using the traditional passwd(5) format and allows the sharing of a user database across different software supporting this format.

The table is used by smtpd(8) when authenticating a user or when user information such as user-id or home directory is required for a delivery.

A "passwd" table consists of a flat file containing the user entries, each one on a line by itself, with fields separated by a colon:


If the table is used for authentication, the second field may contain a password encrypted using the crypt(3) function. Such passwords can be generated using the encrypt(1) utility or smtpctl(8) encrypt command.