pcd2html(1) scripts to build HTML pages from Kodak Photo CD images


pcd2html [options]



certain images will be included in HTML pages. The user has to ship "rules" files in some subdirectories to tell pcd2html how to convert the images from the Kodak Photo CD to JPG images which will be included in the pages.


pcd2html searches for a rules file which specifies in which subdirectories pcd2html should work. According to the rules files in these subdirectories the JPG images and HTML pages with thumb-nails and links are build.
store all files called rules and extra as well as files with the extensions ".eng", ".deu", ".tec" and "drf" into a tar.gz archive.
store all created HTML and JPG files into a tar.gz archive
clean unnecessary data files used temporarily by pcd2html
clean all files which pcd2html has created


# Comments start with a `#` in the first column of a row <key:nnn> <image_name> [[<convert_options>]] [!<i>] [Q<q>]

To descibe an image a specifying <key> for the Kodak Photo CD and the number of the image <nnn> is required. Used are only the last three digits (because they are significant). So you have to type three valid digits specifying the file

on a Photo CD.
The <key>s of all used Kodak Photo CDs are stored in the file $(HOME)/.pcd2html> for each user. It is generated when a new Kodak Photo CD is used and can be determined automatically from internal data later.

The image_name is the second required value which tells pcd2html how to name the JPG image. This is build the following way:

It is considered to be useful to save the original number for reasons of sorting the images later and comparing with the Photo CD index. The image name should be reasonable human readable.

The optional convert_options given in [] could contain any valid option for the convert program of the ImageMagick package (see convert(1)).

The optional argument !<i> specifies the magnification of the Photo CD image that should be used. i has to be a number between 1 and 5. By default i is 3 and can be left out.

To change the Jpeg quality Q<q> the user has the possibility to get the result more or less compressed. By default a compression of 75% (convert -quality 75) is used. The number q will be used as quality argument of convert and all values which are valid in this case are valid here.


The system was tested very rarely. Expect to get failures.

Please send any comment about the style of the HTML pages (which is defined in pcd.css) to <[email protected]>.         


The package depends from convert which is contained in the ImageMagick package available from




Expect each kind of bugs. Expect destroying your hard-disk, cdrom, the whole computer and the children of your cat. Don't say you was not warned!


Andreas Tille <[email protected]>