PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Hmtx(3) Horizontal Metrics


Contains the advance width and left side bearing for each glyph. Given the compressability of the data onto disk, this table uses information from other tables, and thus must do part of its output during the output of other tables


The horizontal metrics are kept in two arrays by glyph id. The variable names do not start with a space
An array containing the advance width for each glyph
An array containing the left side bearing for each glyph



Reads the horizontal metrics from the TTF file into memory


Calculates again the number of long metrics required to store the information here. Returns undef if the table has not been read.


Writes the metrics to a TTF file. Assumes that the "hhea" has updated the numHMetrics from here


Updates the lsb values from the xMin from the each glyph

$t->out_xml($context, $depth)

Outputs the table in XML


None known


Martin Hosken [email protected] See PDF::API2::Basic::TTF::Font for copyright and licensing.