perlconsole(1) light program that lets you evaluate Perl code interactively.


Perl Console is Copyright (C) 2007 by Alexis Sukrieh


Perl Console is a small program that implements a Read-eval-print loop: it lets you evaluate Perl code interactively.

It uses Readline to grab input, and provides completion with all the namespaces loaded during your session. It allows you to load a module in your session and test a function exported by it.


It's possible to interact with the console with internal commands. The following commands are supported in this version:
:help display the interactive help screen
:quit quit the console
:set set a preference (see PREFERENCES).


PerlConsole will look for a rcfile located in your home directory called: ~/.perlconsolerc

Every line in that file will be evaluated as if they were issued in the console. You can then load there your favorite modules, or even define your preferences.

Example of a valid ~/.perlconsolerc

    :set output = dumper
    use Date::Calc;


Preferences can be set with the :set command. The following preferences are supported in this version:
output changes the output of evaluated code

For details about commands, ype :help <command> within the console.


Perl Console was writen by Alexis Sukrieh <[email protected]>.