pfind(9) zpfind


In sys/param.h In sys/proc.h Ft struct proc * Fn pfind pid_t pid Ft struct proc * Fn zpfind pid_t pid


Fn pfind takes a Fa pid as its argument and returns a pointer to the Vt proc structure whose PID is specified in the argument only if the Fa pid is on the allproc list.

Fn zpfind takes a Fa pid as its argument. If Fn zpfind finds a process whose PID is equal to that of argument and is a zombie process, meaning that it must reside on the zombproc list, Fn zpfind returns a pointer to that Vt proc structure.

Both Fn pfind and Fn zpfind lock the Vt proc structure that is returned using Fn PROC_LOCK p .


Fn pfind and Fn zpfind return a pointer to a Vt proc structure on success and a NULL on failure.


This manual page was written by An Evan Sarmiento Aq [email protected] .