pfsindcraw(1) Read an image in a camera RAW file format supported by


pfsindcraw [--native] <file> [<file>...]


This command can be used to read images in a camera RAW file format supported by DCRAW and write pfs stream to the standard output as if read from 16bit ppm file (no gamma correction, white balance from camera if available). In principle such data should conform to the definition of High Dynamic Range contents used in the pfstools package.

A raw image may in some cases require clamping to remove zero values, see examples.


--native, -n
Read images in native camera color space (instead of sRGB). To be used with pfscolortransform. Must be specified before any file name.


pfsindcraw img_0070.cr2 | pfsview
View a full dynamic range of a raw image from Canon 350D camera.
pfsindcraw img_0070.cr2 | pfsclamp --rgb | pfstmo_drago03 | pfsout img.jpg
Tone map a raw image and save it as JPEG. Clamping is used to remove zero values, which otherwise result in NaN values after tone mapping.
pfsindcraw --native img_0070.cr2 | pfscolortransform --rgbxyz canon500d.txt | pfsout img.exr
Load a RAW image in its native camera color space, calibrate using matrix stored in canon500d.txt file (not supplied) and save as an EXR image.


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