pfstmo_durand02(1) Fast bilateral filtering for the display of HDR images


pfstmo_durand02 [--sigma-s <val>] [--sigma-r <val>] [--base-contrast <val>] [--quiet] [--verbose] [--help]


This command implements a tone mapping operator as described in:
F. Durand and J. Dorsey.
Fast Bilateral Filtering for the Display of High-Dynamic-Range Images.
In: In ACM Transactions on Graphics, 2002.

According to paper, results of this TMO require gamma correction.

Unless -g option is specified, this operator also employs color correction mechanism from:

Radoslaw Mantiuk, Rafal Mantiuk, Anna Tomaszewska, Wolfgang Heidrich.
Color Correction for Tone Mapping.
In: Computer Graphics Forum (Proc. of EUROGRAPHICS'09), 28(2), 2009.


--sigma-s <val>, -s <val>
Sigma value for spatial kernel. Default value: 40
--sigma-r <val>, -r<val>
Sigma value for range kernel. Default value: 0.4
--base-contrast <val>, -c <val>
Contrast of the base layer. Default value is 5.0f. Lower value causes higher contrast compression and results in darker picture - can help if after tone mapping too many pixels remain saturated.
Increasing this value will results in brighter and more 'dynamic' picture.
--original, -g
Use original algorithm as described in the paper with no extensions. For this operator the switch will disable color correction.
Print additional information during program execution.
--quiet, -q
Do not display progress report.
--help, -h
Print list of commandline options.


pfsin memorial.hdr | pfstmo_durand02 | pfsgamma -g 2.2 | pfsout memorial.png
Tone map image and save it in png format.


Please report bugs and comments on implementation to Grzegorz Krawczyk <[email protected]>.