pgfouine(1) PostgreSQL log analyzer


pgfouine -file <file> [-top <n>] [-format <format>] [-logtype <logtype>] [-report [outputfile=]<block1,block2>]


-file <file>
log file to analyze
read the log from stdin instead of -file
-top <n>
number of queries in lists. Default is 20.
-format <format>
output format: html, html-with-graphs or text. Default is html.
-logtype <logtype>
log type: syslog or stderr. Default is syslog. for stderr, you have to use the following log_line_prefix: '%t [%p]: [%l-1] '
-report [outputfile=]<block1,block2>
list of report blocks separated by a comma report blocks can be: overall, hourly, bytype, slowest, n-mosttime, n-mostfrequent, n-slowestaverage, history, n-mostfrequenterrors, tsung
You can add several -report options if you want to generate several reports at once
-examples <n>
maximum number of examples for a normalized query
ignore all queries but SELECT
-from "<date>"
ignore lines logged before this date (uses strtotime)
-to "<date>"
ignore lines logged after this date (uses strtotime)
-database <database>
consider only queries on this database
-user <user>
consider only queries executed by this user
-title <title>
define the title of the reports
-syslogident <ident>
PostgreSQL syslog identity. Default is postgres.
-memorylimit <n>
PHP memory limit in MB. Default is 128.
debug mode
profile mode
this help


pgfouine was written by Guillaume Smet <guillaume-pg at smet dot org>.
This manpage was written by Clement Stenac <zorglub at debian dot org> for the Debian project, but may be used by others.