pgfouine_vacuum(1) PostgreSQL VACUUM log analyzer


pgfouine_vacuum -file <file> [-report [outputfile=]<block1,block2>] [-filter <filter>]


-file <file>
log file to analyze
read the log from stdin instead of -file
-report [outputfile=]<block1,block2>
list of report blocks separated by a comma report blocks can be: overall, fsm, vacuumedtables, details
You can add several -report options if you want to generate several reports at once.
-filter <filter>
filter of the form: database or database.schema filter is applied on output only
-title <title>
define the title of the reports
-memorylimit <n>
PHP memory limit in MB. Default is 128.
debug mode
profile mode
this help


pgfouine was written by Guillaume Smet <guillaume-pg at smet dot org>.
This manpage was written by Clement Stenac <zorglub at debian dot org> for the Debian project, but may be used by others.