piuparts_slave_run(8) start up piuparts-slave instance(s) in screen


piuparts_slave_run [SLAVE-NUMBERS]


piuparts_slave_run runs piuparts-slave instance(s) in screen which run piuparts tests which test whether Debian packages handle installation, upgrading, and removal correctly.

By default, piuparts_slave_run will start the number of slaves specified by the slave-count parameter in the piuparts.conf file. If slave-count is not defined, a single slave will be started. If a single argument is supplied to piuparts_slave_run, consisting of a space-separated list of numbers between 1 and slave-count, only those slaves will be started.


There are no options to this command currently. Note however that this interface is under development and may change.


Running piuparts in master-slave mode requires configuration in /etc/piuparts.


piuparts_slave_run should be able to run slaves in different ways: 1. all, in a new screen (only this is implemented at the moment) 2. a specific one, in a specified screen slot in a (running) screen 3. append one to a (running) screen using a "random" slot 4. start slave in the current directory in the current shell in foreground.


Make sure to also read /usr/share/doc/piuparts-master/README_server.txt.


Holger Levsen ([email protected])